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Make Holiday Dinner a Tradition as Special as Your Family

  • Nov 21, 2018

Every year, we wait with unbridled anticipation for the holidays to arrive. What can we say? We love any excuse to go over the top and pull out all the stops – not to mention the corks! No matter what your traditions entail, gather your family and friends, and celebrate all that you’re grateful for. This year honor your traditions and, perhaps, start some new ones.


Prime Rib Holiday Roast

As you begin to map out your holiday menus, may all roads lead to the most magnificent of roasts: our 5-Star Bone-in Standing Rib Roast or Prime Rib. Why? Because the Prime Rib is the quintessential holiday roast, the one you splurge on for the most special of occasions. If you need a more practical reason, then consider how easy it is to prepare to perfection – all you have to do is roast it to the right temperature. (If you need a foolproof meat thermometer, we recommend this one from Thermoworks.) 


Tenderloin Roast

Another favorite for celebratory occasions is our luscious 5-Star Tenderloin Roast. The whole Tenderloin is one of our most extravagant and tender offerings that slices beautifully into medallions of filet mignon. Your guests will be impressed, to say the least. They’ll feel taken care of in the biggest and most important of ways: they’ll be well fed. “You shouldn’t have,” they’ll say, thrilled that you did, unable to resist the urge to Instagram every course (#roastbeast). 

Of course, it’s not just dinner you’re making. It’s a time for rekindling relationships and making new memories. There’s so much to celebrate, not the least of which are your family and friends, your deep bonds and spirit of community.

The Mishima Reserve Holiday Celebration experience will inspire you with more ideas, from side dishes to signature cocktails. We love starting with a soup course, such as our own Caramelized Fennel and Mushroom with its umami richness. Roasted root vegetables are a colorful and satisfying side, and we don’t know anyone who would pass up a second helping of Blue Mashed Potatoes. And don’t forget the beverages. This is definitely one of those occasions that call for a signature cocktail and a trip to the cellar to bring up a favorite vintage. 

For more inspiration and recipes, visit Most importantly, have a fantastic holiday season – may you celebrate in good health and high spirits.