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A Butcher and a Sommelier Walk into a Bar...

  • Aug 02, 2019

We gave our sommeliers at The Butcher’s Table a short list of our most enticing steaks and asked for their wine recommendations. The truth is, we think you'd be hard-pressed to find a red wine that wouldn’t work well with a Mishima Reserve American Wagyu Steak. (Our wagyu beef is so good it might even make your wine taste better!) Anyway, after spending most of our time with butchers, what a treat to confab with professional sommeliers and hear their ideas on wines they’d choose to accompany some of our signature cuts. 

New York Strip: 2012 Michele Chiarlo La Court Nizza Barbera - Asti, IT

Why not take a steak lover’s classic of the classics – our New York Strip – and pair it with an Italian classic – a 2012 Barbera from Michele Charlo? Both are superlative examples of their genre and make for very good company. The New York, with its assertive beefy flavor rendered on the grill, stands up beautifully to the juicy acidity of the Barbera. We also love the way the tobacco notes of this wine mingle with the char that comes from a perfectly grilled steak.

Eye of Ribeye: 2015 Long Shadows Chester Kidder Red Blend – Columbia Valley, WA

Our sommelier had us at, “dizzying complexity and massive black fruits.” The deep flavors in our Eye of Ribeye are unquestionably worthy of this recommendation out of the Columbia Valley (2015 Long Shadows, Chester Kidder Red Blend). The Eye of Ribeye is one of our richest and juiciest steaks, prolific in its marbling, adds to the drama. 

Zabuton: 2009 Chene Bleu Abelard - Ventoux, FR

It seems completely appropriate to pair our Zabuton with the rare 2009 Chene Bleu Abelard. It’s a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Viognier from Ventoux that explodes with spicy cherry, cured meat and stone fruit nuance. And like the Butcher’s Cut Zabuton, it’s also lesser known. The Zabuton is a perfect blend of tender and tooth, an amazing steak for the money. As for the Chene Bleu, our sommelier probably says it best: “The steak wine of steak wine.”