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About Our Grades

A difference you can see

Our grading system is based on the Japanese “star” system and takes into account several criteria: the amount of marbling (USDA’s sole focus), texture, tenderness, and the density of the beef. Our 4-Star beef overlaps with Prime on the marbling scale, but all of our American wagyu beef has a multidimensional flavor profile that varies from cut to cut.


This beef is closest in look and consistency to the finest American beef, but with added tenderness and rich, beefy flavor. It’s an excellent selection for anyone who prefers a familiar – yet elevated – steak experience. 

4-Star Meat

This beef is perhaps the perfect level of indulgence for the steak lover who is looking for extra richness, but still wants a traditional beef eating experience. It contains more marbling than our 4-Star and is noticeably softer, and as you’d expect, tastes amazing. 

5-Star Meat

As the name implies, this beef is in a class by itself. Again, the marbling contained here increases over and above the 5-Star. It’s at this point that many people reduce their portion size or get creative and use it in a supporting role rather than as the center of the plate. Of course, if you have a penchant for the richest of flavors, such as foie gras, then be warned: Our Ultra may become your next obsession. 

Ultra Meat